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MetaTrader Custom Programming
MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, also known as MT4 and MT5, are the leading standalone trading platforms. They are very popular due to their powerful features, reliability and high transaction speed. MetaTrader has come a long way to bridge the gap between the technology available to retail traders and professional trading firms, banks and hedge funds.

A key feature of MetaTrader is the ability to create complex custom indicators and trading systems (known as Expert Advisors or Expert Advisors). They allow traders, with the help of expert programmers (EAs), to create their own trading systems that can be automated. Expert Advisors can even be hosted on remote servers for automated trading when the computer is off.

The MQL4 and MQL5 Robobroker Algorithms programmers have over 10 years of experience programming MT4/MT5 Expert Advisors and developing custom MetaTrader indicators, providing quality programming services to traders around the world.

MetaTrader Expert Advisor
MetaTrader is widely recognized as the best trading platform in the world due to the degree of control and flexibility it provides to users.

MetaTrader's native programming language, MQL, is used to create trading robots or Expert Advisors. Those who are familiar with MQL programming can create Expert Advisors to test and automate advanced trading strategies in real time. Automated strategies can be developed to trade virtually any financial market around the world, while freeing up a trader's time for more important tasks and removing the emotion of trading.

Among the powerful features of MetaTrader are advanced order management features and support for multiple time frames. An experienced MT4 or MT5 programmer (EA coder) can create EAs that take full advantage of these features for automated decision making and real-time trades - something that humans simply cannot do.

MetaTrader developers from Robobroker Algorithms provide high quality MT4 and MT5 programming services for Forex, Futures and Stock traders from over 100 countries.
MetaTrader custom indicator
Custom indicators can be developed to indicate specific aspects of an asset's price change. Pattern indicators can be designed to highlight patterns, and support and resistance indicators can be built to show the most likely trading range. Trend and momentum indicators can also be designed to indicate the strength or direction of a trend. Alternatively, one indicator can be created to perform multiple functions.

A well-designed custom MetaTrader indicator can help you take your trading to the next level.

MetaTrader is widely recognized as the best trading platform in the world due to the degree of control and flexibility it provides to users.

MetaTrader's native programming language, MQL, is used to create automated trading systems and custom indicators. The platform's powerful analysis and backtesting tools can also be used to program the MT4 and MT5 indicators to identify patterns and opportunities specific to certain markets, time frames and trading styles.

The most profitable and reliable trading strategies are often those that few people trade or know about. Custom MetaTrader indicators allow traders to develop completely unique trading strategies based on these patterns that are not widely known or traded.
MetaTrader 4 vs MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are very similar platforms, with a few key differences. MT5 is not really an update to MT4, but a slightly different platform primarily aimed at CFD, stock and futures traders, while MT4 is commonly used by programmers and Forex advisor developers.

MT4 is easier and best suited for Forex trading and Forex robot programming, while MT5 offers more features but takes more time to get used to.

MT5 is also better suited for those who trade CFDs, stocks or futures.

The MQL4 and MQL5 programming languages ​​are very similar, with minor differences in the way orders and positions are processed. However, if you are using MetaTrader Custom Programming Services, it is important to be clear about which version of MetaTrader you want to use. The MQL Robobroker Algorithms development team has extensive experience in both MQL4 and MQL5 and provides the best quality EA and indicator coding services in the entire field.


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